Wooden Fence

Type Construction: 
We will install any style of wood fence you like:

Board on Board 

Closed Louvered 



Split Rail 

Grape Stake 

Square Lattice 

Piano Key Lattice 

Tongue & Grove 

Shadow Box 

Basket Weave 

Diagonal Lattice

Quality Lumber: 

Our standard wooden fences are built from construction-common grade redwood and our custom fences are built with construction-heart grade redwood. Living with a budget? If you want to save a few dollars and don’t mind a few knots with sap wood (white colored) mixed with heart wood (red colored), then the construction-common grade redwood is a perfect choice. Want Premium Grade? We highly recommend construction-heart grade redwood: pure red fence boards with no sap wood with fewer and smaller knots. 

Quality Pressure-Treated Wood: 

The two most important (backbone) parts of the fence are the vertical post and horizontal kickboard on the bottom of the fence. Throughout the life of the fence these two parts are serving as critical support for your fence. Delamore Fence spends more money and time to select the best quality pressure treated wood available for this reason. We only install .40 concentrated ACQ treated Douglas Fir with a #2 or better rating. 

We also make sure that all the post we buy are 90% FOHC (free of heart center) to help avoid post that will twist and bow over time. The Douglas Fir material is known to be much more stable and stronger over time then Hemlock Fir. Most contractors install a lesser grade Hemlock Fir with knots to save money, which will normally last until their warranty (3-5 years) is up.

Some of Our Wooden Fences